Our Services

Here at Keizett Stable we match and produce horses for showjumping.
We put a lot of focus on the horses physical training with a large variety of exercises, most of which are done it in the outdoors.
We believe a strong and happy horse is horse better prepared for a successful showjumping career.

For sale services
If you have a horse you want to sell or if you are looking to buy one, we gladly help you. We have multiple horses for sale in our stable, both our own and from other owners. We also have a large network of costumers with high quality horses for sale.

We do breaking in of all types of horses, carefully adjusting the development for each individual to give them the best start.

We offer transportation of horses around Sweden, and Europe after agreement. We have our own trucks and can accommodate up to 9 horses in our large truck or 2 in the smaller

Private classes
We offer classes for you and your horse in both jumping and flat work. You can do either in group or private sessions.

Contact us for more details.


About Us


Head of this operation is Ellen Hedman. Ellen has experiences from the sporthorse-world’ s all corners. Even tough it is the showjumping that is her number one practice. She’s been ridning since childhood and competes up to s-level, 150. Ellen has for many years trained and developed all different kinds of horses. And she is also a good trainer, and an excellent truckdriver!

Team Keizett Stable is a small team, and together we create knowledge. As we all know, nobody is better than it’s team and the people working beside them. That is something that we value here at Keizett. We work close together sharing even the hard work.
So besides Ellen, there are som people worth mentioning. Of course Erik, Ellens partner and loved one, he always lends a hand were is needed, in the stable, with the horses, driving the truck, fixning,  and so on, yes the list can be long… Working with the horses  we have Hanna & Sofia, always doing their best for our four-legged superstars, from training til grooming. Also Denice our neighbor and extra hand, helping with stable and ridning.
And then we have Johan,  who like Erik is always there if  you need help, fixing in the stable, buildning, drivning, ridning, horseowner. One man, many things!

At Keizett we have a nice stable with 18 boxes, a walker, an indoor arena, an brand new outdoor arean, nice paddocks for all the horses. And two big fields with shelter. Great surroundings for outdoor training on fields, forest and hills. We also have the privilege to go to Lutfi Koljinis amazing farm and train our horses physical strength on first class sand courses.

In our work with the horses we have close contact with professionell vets, chiropractors, ferriers and trainers. Again, no one is better then the people surrounding them!
An extra thanks to Lars our ferrier for the work with the shoes on our horses, and also for being an extra coach behind the scenes. And Louise for the great training she provide both flatwork and jumping.

And of course, nothing works without ur four-legged  colleagues and their owner!